The way people use energy on a global scale is no different from how you manage your finances and your family budget. If you are spending more than you are earning, eventually you will end up in trouble. If you live below your means, you’ll be able to accumulate wealth and enjoy life.

It works in the same way with the planet and right now, people are using the resources of the planet much faster than they can be replenished. The calls of bill collectors are getting louder in the form of fossil fuels that are becoming more expensive to find. The reserves of the resources are also getting smaller. While burning fossil fuels does provide energy to individual homes and all kinds of enterprises, from plants to casinos, it also emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which affects the state of the planet, the wildlife and the health of the people in general.

Other resources on the planet are in trouble too, including the one that all people think we have an unlimited amount of, which is water. In some parts of the world, including parts of the Western countries, such as the state of California in the United States, droughts are becoming more and more common.

Scientists keep debating about how and where the humankind can find new sources of water. Some people are suggesting to pipe it from areas with an abundant supply of it, others suggest building desalination plants and using the water from the oceans and seas to produce drinking water. This issue is especially important in cities that are located in deserts. Las Vegas with its famous casinos is an example of such as a city.

The reduction of groundwater sources of drinking water is one of the possible effects of climate change. Using water in ways that is wise is one of the ways how people can continue having enough water for their needs.