Many people do not really understand the importance of the concept of green living and energy efficiency. They think that people can produce more electricity, drill for more oil and obtain more natural gas from the planet forever.

The best way to approach the subject of energy efficiency is to think about it in the same way you think about your family budget or the budget of your business. If you spend more money than you make each month or if the business, such as a casino, has more expenses than it has revenues, then it will be in debt. As a result, at some point, debt collectors will start calling you. If you accumulate a lot of debt personally and can’t pay it off, you may need to declare bankruptcy, which will lead to a lot of problems. For a business, declaring bankruptcy or even not being able to bring in more revenue than spending in expenses, it leads to extinction. Not being able to produce more is why so many businesses are closing, including even casinos. Probably, one of the most famous examples of a casino going out of business was the casino of US President Donald Trump in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

At the same time, if you are careful with your expenses and live below your means, you will be able to prosper, take loans and mortgages and buy a lot of new things. If a business, such as a casino, makes more money than it spends, it can expand. Las Vegas is one of the great examples of what happens when casinos are doing well. They attract other businesses such as hotels, restaurants and all kinds of entertainment venues. Everyone is benefiting, prospering and making money.

The planet is no different. Currently, people are depleting the resources of the planet at blazing speeds without allowing them to replenish. This can lead to all kinds of problems, including energy shortages and climate change, which is why energy efficiency is such an important issue.