Getting started with energy consumption doesn’t have to be hard. Many people immediately think about all the non-environmental-friendly appliances and equipment that they have in their homes and businesses, start thinking about the costs of new appliances and get scared.

You do not have to do anything and everything right away. Trying to do too much can actually turn out to be counter-productive. You may get overwhelmed, which is not going to help you or the environment.

What you want to start with is a plan. Start with small and easy things. Once they become a habit and a second nature, add something else. Just like when you go to the gym for the first time, you don’t start with lifting the heaviest dumb bell, you don’t try to do the hardest thing here. This principle applies to everything in life. When you first go to a casino, you don’t want to bet your entire life savings. You want to spend a little, observe other people gambling, and move forward from there. The same applies to getting started with green living and being environmentally-friendly.

Your priorities also do not have to be the same as priorities of other people or businesses. Take a small step every time you are ready to take a step.

For example, next time you go grocery shopping, get paper bags instead of plastic bags and recycle the paper. When you need to replace a light bulb, go with compact environmentally-friendly fluorescent models. When you start running out of your chemical supplies, replace them with green supplies that don’t contain any harmful chemicals. All of these things can happen on your schedule and won’t take much effort. Next time you need to buy some produce, go to a farmers market instead of a chain grocery store.

Finally, start buying items that don’t have excessive packaging. While this does not contribute to your energy efficiency, it does help with reduction of waste.