Climate change is another name for the phenomenon known as global warming. It is one of the most important issues in the world today. However, it accounts only for a part of the damage that is being done to the environment on a daily basis. This damage has already drastically changed the way that the earth provides for the needs of people today and will be doing so in the future.

In reality, climate change or global warming is not a problem. It is a consequence of two issues, which are the amount of resources that people are using, and the waste that people are producing during and after they use the resources.

When you combine these problems together over an extended period of time, they create an exponential effect and start contributing to issues such as changes in the climate, shortages of water and food, and so on.

As the society keeps developing new technologies, tools and gadgets, people naturally aspire to have and use the latest items and have the most convenient lifestyles that are available to them. Unfortunately, the laws of nature apply here, too, and everything comes at a cost. For example, in the case of material goods, production of the goods has a cost in the form of the resources of the earth. It works in the same way with resources such as electricity. You may enjoy relaxing in a casino, but having an air conditioning in that casino uses a lot of resources of the planet.

The vast majority of the resources that people use, from powering their homes to powering businesses to transportation, come from non-renewable sources of energy, mostly from fossil fuels. Many of the fossil fuels in nature are located under the seabed and include oil, coal and natural gas that people need to discover, extract and transport before using them.