Welcome to the website about energy efficiency. Here, you will learn about different energy efficiency concepts, tools, and ideas that can help you become more energy efficient and examples of how homes and businesses including everything from grocery retailers to casinos are using and applying the principles of energy efficiency.

There are a lot of definitions for what energy efficiency is. There are also a lot of terms, such as green living, being environmentally conscious and so on.

All these terms have one thing in common. They boil down to one fundamental concept that the mankind should not be using the resources of our planet faster than they can replenish itself or we can replenish them. Everything else follows from this concept, including the installation of new electrical systems in casinos, more effective refrigerators in stores, air conditioning in bars and restaurants, a relationship between various living things, treatment of animals, your health, your community and people all around the world.

When you analyze different kinds of resources available to people, from fossil fuels used by cars on the road to electricity used to power casinos, from agricultural land, which is also a resource, to wildlife, from the depths of the oceans to the air that we breathe; you will notice that everything on our planet is interconnected. Changing one item in a chain or in the biological system inevitably causes changes in the entire system.

This website will introduce you to a number of concepts about green living, sustainability, energy efficiency and what you and the company you work for, be it a technology provider or a casino, can do to play their role in being respectful towards the environment.